Welcome to the Home of Baseball Switch Hitting!

This site is dedicated to baseball players trying to perfect the art of hitting from both sides of the plate and also to those who are coaching them.

If you are a Switch Hitter, I invite you to take my survey to help this site do the scholarship necessary to really understand and improve the way switch hitting is taught and coached.

If you are the parent of a young child and you want him/her to learn to bat from both sides of the plate, I am here to help you.

If you are a Coach and not sure how best to help your hitters who are trying to switch hit, I am here to help you.

If you simply love baseball and want to see the game continue to improve, please look this site over. Your constructive advice is always welcome.

This is "Switch Hitting" by Al Morris Baseball,
a division of Al Morris Equestrian, LLC.

I am Al Morris and I was lucky enough to be taught to hit left handed and right handed long before I was aware of what I was doing. All my life I have thought about baseball. Baseball has done a lot for me and I am going to give back where I can.

I played games year round when I was young. I was never a gifted athlete, but I practice everyday and I absolutely loved to hit. I walked on and made the team as a baseball player at Duke University and upon graduation I was offered the job of Director of Baseball Operations at Duke. I also was Director of our Duke Baseball Camps. Working with hitters, especially switch hitters, is a favorite part of baseball for me.

I am now taking some time away from baseball to attend Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. So, it is a good time to act on one of my long time ambitions to first study, then improve the life of the baseball switch hitter. Please help me.

Browse through my section called "Thoughts on Switch Hitting." Additions will be made there periodically, this is designed to help get the conversation going before you enter my chat room. In the chat room you will hear from me or "The Old Man" on subject you want to talk about. Or you can just enjoy our latest discussion.

The center piece of this site is the questionnaire for switch hitters. Most of the data I am collecting will come from personal interviews where I can verify the credibility of the answers. Many switch hitters, from high school players to professionals will take this survey and when I have collected enough verified answers to assure statistical accuracy, I will present my findings to the baseball world. I am very excited about the possibilities for improving our quest to understand and help the baseball switch hitter.

Welcome to the Home of Baseball Switch Hitting!